Nick Shontz

Developer, Digital Strategist & Leader
Missoula, MT


same site, differing content. Replace web content5 based on visitor location

We are the world’s simplest content replacement tool for website personalization. With GeoFli anyone can master the power of geotargeting.

Tif Map

An index of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) projects in Missoula, MT. Designed to highlight the investment in Missoula, and to provide public access and exposure to project information.

Adventure Cycling Logo

Restructured and normalized 27k+ Excel rows into PostgreSQL & PostGIS. Used Laravel to create an internal tool making it easy to edit, audit, export and extend the data.

Nick facilitating an open space event at the University of Montana

Facilitated several Open Space Events of approximately 120 people and co-chaired event planning group.

graph showing current and historical river flow data

RiverPik allows you to track and get notifications about river flow data.

image of phone; Phoney logo

Phoney turns your Twilio phone number into a fully functioning text and voice number. Send & receive calls as if it were a real number.

Screenshot of University of Montana mobile app

I led the development team using ReactJS and the CampusM mobile infrastructure. Utilizing API’s from third-party and home grown applications we were able to launch the application in three months

Screenshot of interactive campus map at University of Montana

GIS project that powers web and mobile tools, and used local and third-party APIs to provide real time interactions. Created using open source tools: PostgreSQL + PostGIS, Tilemill, Mapbox.js and Laravel.

Arduino and breadboard

As a Coding for Kids programming instructor I taught visual programming to fourth grade students, and Arduino to high school students

MOR Associates Logo

Learning the art of effective leadership the MOR Associates program delved into strategic thinking, communication styles and how to use "lead, manage, do" to help manage time and grow staff.